Book Review: Shooting With Soul

Alessandra Cave's 2013 book Shooting with Soul offers individuals from all backgrounds a simplified approach to digital photography and the art of visual journalism. Cave guides readers through a yearlong plan featuring 44 exercises aimed at solidifying specific techniques and methods to capture a more effective, emotionally driven photograph. The first chapter of Cave’s how-to book begins with an overview of options to consider when purchasing a camera. From body types to lenses, even the inexperienced photographer is capable of grasping the basics of how a camera is physically composed and the role of each feature it has to offer. Cave explains that light, and the various types, is the most important aspect of composing an image. The source, direction, color, and quality of light are further explained and paralleled with the camera’s ability to adapt through a simple adjustment of its aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Cave emphasizes the importance of establishing oneself within the images created by taking time to form a connection between the senses, the camera, and subject. The 44 exercises found at the end of the book are aimed at developing techniques and methods for capturing the ideal image.

“My greatest hope is that by working with the tips and with the process suggested in this book, you will find a window into your soul- and also find joy- as you unleash your vision of the world,” Cave explains. “If I can do it, then you can do it too.” Shooting with Soul guides aspiring photographers and art enthusiasts in a more creative direction, catalyzing the creation of pictures that are both self-embodying and an intricate representation of one’s apparent world.

Text by Kate Marin

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