Andrew Dosunmu - 10 years of photography (curated by Beatrice Dupire)

Opened on Tuesday at Hotel Particulier is the first solo exhibition that Nigerian born Andrew Dosunmu has had in New York, and he is planning on a grand entrance. A 10 year retrospective across 5 continents. Large format portraits of people both known and unknown, clothed and unclothed are shot in the same light, with the same eye to detail. Dosunmu is more known for his work on film. His piece on hairstylists in Detroit competing for the “Hair Wars” entitled Hot Irons won critical acclaim in 1999, and he has been directing episodes of “Yizo, Yizo”, which dramatizes the education debates in post apartheid South Africa.

The show was curated by Beatrice Dupire, and she made the most from a small space. The show was warm and inviting rather than the usual colder, more European, feel of the stark concrete in Hotel Particulier. The plywood frames extended from the print, encasing each one accentuating Dosunmu's portraits.

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