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Book Review: One Hundred

Only a handful of photographers are able to create images that transcend the page. Arnold Newman is among them. Newman was a master of sifting through the disorder of our three-dimensional world and organizing it into a compelling two-dimensional frame.

Exhibition Review: Klea McKenna-Generation

The first time you’re taken to a museum, you’re told “look with your eyes, not with your hands.” While this has undoubtedly saved several priceless works from the destructive combination of hyperactive children and gravity, something is inevitably lost in that distance between the art and the audience. As a medium, photography itself can be particularly susceptible to this problem; the image becomes smooth and glossy, flattened into something to be named and defined by the eye behind the camera.

Film Review: A Star Is Born (2018)

Trauma is a permanent scar passed down through generations. A parent’s fall into alcoholism brews the backstory of the endless HURRAH fueling the tour bus after parties, bringing it back to the hotel room, waking a hangover, pop a pill, hop back on the road, bearing your soul for thousands of strangers, and the psychological spin of a whirlpool churning for the next round like a favorite song on repeat.