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Musée No. 7 Volume 2

In the second installation Musée’s 7th issue, Energy, we proudly feature a selection of interviews and profiles of established artists and photographers Nick Cave , Curtis Mann , Edward Burtynsky , Fern Mallis , Doug Rickard , David Molander , Raymond Learsey , Ori Gersht and Steve Miller . Musée’s 7th issue brings to light the diversity inherent in the nature of energy, and how one perceives where it comes from, what it means and how it exists within ourselves and the world around us. Each artist’s work yields unique aspects of the essence of energy.

Musée No. 5 Issue 2 (our biggest issue yet — so big, it took two volumes) spotlights fashion. Photography and fashion go hand in hand — aesthetically and business-wise. Volume II features interviews and profiles with several prominent individuals — like photographers Viviane Sassen, Yinka Shonibare, Martin Parr, and Noé Sendas – who all have a very distinct visions; Barneys New York Creative Director, Dennis Freedman; the British design duo, Boudicca; acclaimed make-up artist, Dick Page; Allure Magazine Creative Director, Paul Cavaco; Jed Root, founder and owner of Jed Root, Inc.; the Staley-Wise Gallery; and licensing agency, Trunk Archive. The advice offered, by these professionals, in this issue and Vol. I, should be heralded. This time around, we present the work of only 14 emerging photographers. Though we received many submissions, capturing a great fashion photograph, worthy of publication, is hard work – it involves much more than just a camera and a model – you need a vision! We hope that the information, in this issue, will be of great assistance to anyone who has an interest in delving deeper into the field of fashion photography.
*The photographer of the picture of Marc Jacobs on page 241, in Issue 5: Vol. II is Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Musée’s fifth issue spotlights fashion. In this issue, we showcase people in the fashion realm who have created works for art and commerce, while redefining fashion today — notable photographers Tim Walker, Mickalene Thomas, Rachel Perry Welty, Tina Barney, and Matthew Stone; Bottega Veneta Creative Director, Tomas Maier; distinguished designer, Thom Browne; renowned hair stylist, Bob Recine; legendary creative director, Sam Shahid; W Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Stefano Tonchi; and Estée Lauder Group President, John Demsey are all featured in Volume I. Our primary mission is to display the work of emerging photographers — so we felt it right to focus the fashion issue on power players, individuals whose advice and experience will help to shape the ideas of those entering the business. In addition to those features, Volume I presents the work of 30 emerging talents as well. Issue No. 5 is dedicated to the supreme fashion photographer — arguably the greatest of all time, Richard Avedon. We hope this issue both informs and inspires readers’ thoughts on fashion, and leads to a greater understanding of the ever-changing industry