All is going well for Sara Greenberger Rafferty

In this year's Whitney Biennial there is no shortage of skilled photographers. Musée has the honor to have had a few grace our issues, but there will always be a space in our heart for our first issue, and Sara Greenberger Rafferty was one of the most exciting photographers included.

Rafferty's work has been continually evolving. Back when we first spoke to her she was working in the abstract, painterly portraits whose vidid colors she swirled together; making a Cezanne into a Monet without having to go blind in the process.

In the last few years Rafferty has managed to become a hybrid sculptor, instillation artist and photographer without dissipating. Her new work has utilized more mixed media, but without losing any of the delicacy of her previous work. Her website maps her artistic progression from her studio in Brooklyn to the eminent walls of the Whitney.

So congratulations from Musée, Sara, we're excited to see the work - go kick some ass!

Check out the Whitney's Biennial that runs from March 7th to May 25th

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