Viviane Sassen: ETAN & ME

Paris Photo, in addition to hosting hundreds of galleries and artists from around the world, will be welcoming the release of Viviane Sassen’s latest book, ‘ETAN & ME’. A Dutch artist who originally studied fashion design and later fine art and photography, Sassen was recently featured on the cover  and inside of Musée's Fashion Issue, Volume II.

Her latest work is the result of her return to East African after growing up on the continent. In a remote village of Suriname, she met a young man named Etan whom she photographed multiple portraits of. Sassen combined these images with self portraits, many of which were scattered and blurred.

The resulting 72 page book carries a mystical and mythical quality, recalling the ancient tales of Narcissus, Eros and Thanatos. Sassen also explores identity as she juxtaposes the self with the other, and calls into question true understanding of ourselves.

‘ETAN & ME’ is being released with 1000 copies with 50 limited editions and distributed worldwide by oodee.

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