The Ilana Goor Museum in Old Jaffa City, Israel

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv, The Ilana Goor Museum is a remarkable historical building filled to the brim with contemporary and established works of art. This building is actually the home of artist and collector Ilana Goor who converted her residence into a museum, displaying found artwork alongside her own works. Ilana Goor is known for artwork that transcends conventions, with sculptures, jewelry, and furniture that combine modern utilitarian aesthetic with rustic, natural materials. The works she chooses for her museum are largely items of political prominence and self-expression by artists from Israel and around the world.

The building itself has a vivid history and has been restored into a beautiful home and museum while still preserving the past. The reconstruction revealed the story of an old cosmetics factory along with an intricate ceiling constructed with clay pitchers. The building served as a safe space for Jewish pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem when it was originally constructed in 1742. It wasn’t until 1995 that the building’s restoration was complete and opened as a private museum.




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