MUSEE 10.5 Fall 2013 Spring Must Haves Band: BEACON Album: The Ways We Separate

Brooklyn based duo Beacon released their first album last week on Ghostly. A minimalist blend of R&B and hip/hop beats, lush electronic layers, late night lyricism, ending in a very personable upshot.

Band: JOZEF VAN WISSEM Album: Nihil Obstat

Dutch composer and lute player Jozej Van Wissem created a beautiful album that transcends the classical genre. Hypnotic, meditative and suspenseful, these circular patterns are timeless repetitions. Jozef collaborated with Jim Jarmusch in two previous albums and is writing the score of his next movie.

Band: PáLE & JOSHUA IDEHEN Song: Playing Truant

A sharp, melodic and uplifting new track produced by Pále, the very young talented producer from Manchester, England, features the wisdom of spoken word artist Joshua Idehen. PlayingTruant is the title track on Pále's forthcoming EP on GETME!

Band: ALPINE Album: A is for Alpine

A is for Alpine is Alpine’s first album. The six friends from Melbourne make shimmery, bright and intelligent pop music. Their first single Hands grabbed everybody’s attention. This album will become a must for summer listening.

Band: MAJICAL CLOUDZ Album: Impersonator

Dave Welsh and Mathew Otto form Majical Cloudz, the Montreal based duo that are best friends and collaborators with Grimes and share some of that intimate and nocturnal vulnerability that has made both bands among my favorites. Impersonator is their excellent third album out May 20th on Matador.

Band: THESE NEW PURITANS Album: Field of Reeds

Fragment Two is the first single from These New Puritans’ new album due out June 10th. Their militaristic percussion remains, the melodies a bit more subdued, but the eerie results aren’t the sounds of peace.

Band: KID A Song: BB Bleu ep

Even though Kid A’s hometown is near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, she first joined forces with French producer Agoria or Dan Le Sac where she lent her powerful voice for guest vocals. On in her first ep, she creates an intimate bedroom-like world from her laptop; her delivery is otherworldly while the sound is more hip hop. One of the most promising releases in recent months.

Band: VALERIE JUNE Album: Pushin’ Against a Stone

Although sometimes perceived as an R&B artist, Valerie June’s first album with a proper record label owes nothing to contemporary R&B styles. Instead it is built as much in bluegrass and Appalachian singing as in southern soul, gospel and blues. Her voice is the essential component with a roaster of big-named producers, Dan Auerbach form The Black Keys among others.

Band: TRICKY Album: False Idols

After ten albums, Tricky’s found a new focused creative energy that oscillates from large sonic orchestrations and brass, to a menacing mood of threat. There are a few new collaborators including Francesca Belmonte and Tricky’s brother Marlon Thaws.

Band: MOP MOP Album: Isle of Magic

Andrea Benini, the man behind Mop Mop, teamed with Trinidadian poet Anthony Joseph and trombonist legend Fred Wesley on his new album, Isle Of Magic. Self described as voodoo jazz, his fourth album is a retro trip to some fantasy tropical island, excellent listening for warmer days ahead.

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