MUSEE 10.6 Spring 2013: The End of Spring Set

MUSEE 10.6  Spring 2013: The End of Spring Set Band: FEMME EN FOURRURE Album: 36-26-36

Helsinki-based duo Femme on Fourrure released their first album last week on Convex Industries. Their twitter account describes their craft as music for DJ’s and catwalks, which makes sense as 36-26-36 sounds smooth, stark and minimal with sexually charge spoken-word, definitely runway friendly.

Band: BANKS Single: Warm Water

Little is known about Banks except her artist name and that she hails from LA. With just one previous single, and despite the mystery aura, she’s creating great buzz thanks to her sultry chanteuse-like delivery and beautiful looks. Orlando Higginbottom, better known as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, is credited as the producer.

Band: IGOR VOLK Single: Labyrinth

Born in the now defunct USSR and raised in London, Igor Volk started his production career with New Young Pony Club. His solo project has delivered just two excellent tracks, last year’s breezy Voice and Labyrinth, where Volk is exploring a heavier and slightly psychedelic concept.


These very important techno producers have collaborated in the past numerous times, post producing or engineering behind the scenes, but no joint material has seen the light until now with Borderland. Releasing next week, it is the perfect version of both styles, Atkins’ cubby beat and Oswald’s organic murkier dub textures.

Band: WHITE HAUZ Album: White Haus ep

Joao Viera’s DJ career has taken him from his hometown of Porto, Portugal to basically every festival and city all over the world under the name, DJ Kitten. His first band, X-Wife, released 4 albums where he sang, played guitar and co-wrote all of the music. His current solo project White Haus encapsulates all his previous influences: The New York leftfield disco, West coast 80’s electro and no wave.

Band: TWIGS Album: EP

Making it to the cover of ID Magazine should be enough to create a buzz for the enigmatic singer Twigs, yet not much it is know about her. Her work speaks for itself, maybe because few people are making music like this. Just listen to it loud on your headphones. I expect great things from her in the near future.

Band: PORTUGAL, THE MAN Album: Evil Friends

After a few indie albums, Portugal, The Man, has gained notoriety outside Portland, Oregon. In its second outing with a major label, the band teamed with famed producer Brian Burton, also known as Danger Mouse, to borrow his peculiar atmospheric sound, from airy psychedelic pop to fuzzy garage cuts.

Band: BOARDS OF CANADA Album: Tomorrow’s Harvest

Scottish brothers Mike and Marcus Sandison started recording as Boards of Canada in the mid-90s, breaking through with the electronic music classic Music Has the Right to Children in 1998. Since 2006 they’ve been silent, releasing their latest and much darker effort Tomorrow’s Harvest next week.

Band: JAMIE ISSAC Song: Softly Draining Seas

18 year-old South London singer and producer, Jamie Isaac, is having a moment in his home country and getting a lot of late night radio play for his dark atmospheric electronic sound. But it is his voice that stands out, multi-tracked to replicate his childhood days as a choirboy.

Band: SEAN NICHOLAS SAVAGE Album: Other Life

After releasing three albums in 2011 and going through a painful break-up, Sean Nicholas Savage moved from his native Edmonton to Berlin, where he recorded his latest album. Other Life is collection of adult contemporary instrumentation and avant-pop that marries his sincere meditations on past love.

Noé Sandes: P.O.V. Obstructed

Tom Chambers, The Digital Engineer