City Unseen: Endings

The whole idea behind “City Unseen” has been to record my interpretation and viewpoint of New York City and its more unexpected moments and details that I have found to be more meaningful and interesting than what I had been seeing here everyday. It started out as just a way to document my summer days here, but gradually turned into something greater; not only has my overall viewpoint changed, I am now able to discern these unseen beauties everywhere I go. For my last week here, I wanted to focus on things that you can only find and see in New York City and nowhere else. The city has always been an extremely special place to me, and these photos prove it to be one-of-a-kind. Although “City Unseen” has come to an end, I don’t feel as though it is sad or definite; it is inevitable that I will find myself searching for beautiful, unseen details wherever I may be: at college, home, or in my travels. Untitled-2

Text and photos by Brooke Goldman



Film Review: Closed Curtain, DIR. Jafar Panahi (2014). IRAN

Film Review: Closed Curtain, DIR. Jafar Panahi (2014). IRAN

Interview With Photo Editor Eliane Laffont