Young, Colored and Angry Magazine Debut

Image above: Young, Colored and Angry Magazine. Courtesy of Young, Colored and Angry.

Young, Colored & Angry is an online magazine that exclusively features the work of young People of Color from around the world. YCA presents a selection of visual art, essays, and creative writing by artists and academics based out of NYC, LA, London, Accra & more. All works are in some way way related to race or racial identity, but engage these themes in distinctive ways. 

RinJohnson_FamilyPortraits_2011©Rin Johnson, "Family Portraits" 2011. Courtesy of Young, Colored and Angry.


KaranjitSingh_ItsNotATurban_ItsACrown_2015©Karanjit Singh, "It's Not a Turban, It's a Crown" 2015. Courtesy of Young, Colored and Angry.


We chose the title not because we consider ourselves of a radical positioning, but rather because we often felt that when we expressed any type of racial critique we were written off and discredited as being young, colored & angry. So we are taking this title back, and re-staging it as an inclusive and safe space for our young peers of Color to express themselves freely and know they will be heard and respected. 

YCA spread(left) ©Victoria Loke, "Neo Print Club" 2015; (right)©Elliott Brown Jr. "Untitled (work in progress)" 2015. Courtesy of Young, Colored and Angry.



AshleyRahimiSyed_MakeMeYourArabianFantasy_2014©Ashley Rahimi-Syed, "Make Me Your Arabian Fantasy" 2014. Courtesy of Young, Colored and Angry.


This magazine debuted on April 25, 2015. That same day, we also curated an exhibition at Daryl Oh's Holyrad Studio in Brooklyn.

YCA-9Magazine debut at Holyrad Studio.


YCA-42At the magazine debut at Holyrad Studios.


YCA-48Holyrad studio owner Daryl Oh, and co-editors Ashley Rahimi-Syed and Elliott Brown Jr.


All debut images by Paul McLaren.

William Larson: Fireflies at Gitterman Gallery

Keith Smith at Bruce Silverstein