Will Adler at Danziger Gallery

Above Image: Will Adler, Shipwrecks, 2009, 20 x 30 inch pigment print, courtesy of Danziger Gallery

New Yorkers turned off by the alarming number of great whites hooked by fishermen in the Rockaways this summer can get their beach fix at Danziger Gallery, where the work of Will Adler is up through July. In the current exhibition, Adler, whose personal and commercial work centers upon the sport and culture of surfing, offers a hodgepodge of photographs of surfers, beaches, and architecture taken during his travels.


 Will Adler, Trevor, 2012, 15 x 22.5 inch pigment print & Mexico, 2012, 20 x 30 inch pigment print, courtesy of Danziger Gallery

The awkward assembly alternates between hazy seascapes, crisp action shots, and grainy black and white photographs with no apparent rhyme or reason. Hackneyed images of sunsets and beach signage detract from the technical expertise involved in Adler’s photographs of the actual sport. Consequently, the aesthetic presented in the show is indistinguishable from the Instagram feeds of countless surfers across the globe.

Ultimately, the show appeals to enthusiasts of the sport and those yearning for a vacation. The rest of us will pack our towels and go to the beach the old fashioned way.

Text by Cory Rice


Will Adler, Summerland, 2012, 20 x 24 inch pigment print, courtesy of Danziger Gallery

Will Adler (Pictured Here) 1 copy  Will Adler with Summerland, Danziger Gallery Opening

Will Adler 2 copyPhotographs by Chad Smith



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