Viking Rappers

In the 1970's, the movement which is now known as Hip-hop first emerged in an underground community in the South Bronx. This movement engulfed a combination of music, break dancing and street art. The fundamental attitude of Hip-hop is one of representing the culture and language of the place that the artist is from. By the 1990's, Hip-hop had spread overseas and was making its mark on communities across Europe including the Fjords of Norway. This exhibition pays homage to the enormous influence that Hip-hop had on the tiny communities of these Fjords. Through the images, the viewer can gain a better understanding of how these particular Norwegians, who hail from a place that is the polar opposite of that of their American counterparts, utilized Hip-hop as a medium to express themselves. DSC_0421

In the front, Norwegian Rapper SlinCraze receiving a good luck tap before starting his set.

When New York meets Norway.

Images and text by Oscar Aladin Tiné

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