Todd Hido: Excerpts from Silver Meadows at Bruce Silverstein Gallery

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Bruce Silverstein Gallery presents the third solo show of new works by Todd Hido. In conjunction with the publication of Hido’s latest book, Excerpts from Silver Meadows (Nazraeli, 2013) the gallery will feature a selection of images from this highly personal yet fictionalized body of work that surrounds his return to the “architecture” of his childhood and a particular street in suburban Ohio where the artist was raised. The works displayed introduce a new larger format for the artist and are printed in an edition of one.

Over the past twenty-five years Todd Hido has created a distinct visual language replete with psychological tension and emotional drama set in the suburban American landscape. Any narrative inferred from his work is entirely a construct of the viewer’s imagination heightened by Hido’s power of sequencing images and his fascination with a cinematic style of image making. His landscapes or suburban scenes nearly always seem fraught with evocation, the weight of something about to be undone, or having recently occurred (for better or worse). Hido speaks of his works in the language of memory, so that the holes and patches of an image are inherent to its finished composition.

 Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Photos by Lena Vassiliou





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