Tim Hetherington and Charles Fréger at Yossi Milo

Yossi Milo Gallery opened two new shows on Thursday, April 11th, for Tim Hetherington and Charles Fréger. Hetherington's exhibition, "Inner Light: Portraits of the Blind: Sierra Leone 1999-2003," was a selection of twelve prints from the artist's 1999 trip to West Africa. Due to lack of medical care, in the midst of brutal civil war, blindness in Sierra Leone has become a highly present condition; Hetherington spotlights the true victims of war, the innocent bystanders. Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front, the leaders of the failed revolution utilized child soldiers and were known for their atrocities, including the gouging of eyes. The show is a powerful connection to the victims of African warfare, and the show coincides with the release of HBO Documentaries' "Which Way Is The Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington," which debuted on April 10th. The show also envelopes the second anniversary of the artist's untimely death while covering the Libyan civil war.


Charles Fréger's exhibition in Yossi Milo's West Gallery was a different cultural exploration, titled, "Wilder Mann." The photographer traveled across Europe to explore the cultural significance and variation between nations' views of the medieval wild man, an archetypal figure seen throughout the continent. Fréger, by connecting cultural representation with the landscape, explores the anthropological depth of these priestly characters, depictions of wilderness and societal fringe existence. "Wilder Mann" is a connection of place to ritual, and demonstrates the ability or ritual to survive through endless social changes.


These exhibitions will be on view until May 18th.

Reviews by Travis Huse 

Images Courtesy of the Yossi Milo Gallery 

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