Tim Barber "Relations" at Capricious 88 Gallery



Relations, a new exhibition by Tim Barber, features an intimate narrative of seemingly random but artfully constructed shots taken along the travels of his life, while he explores his photographic work. He captures nature, people being personal with each other or the small adventures—when hands are touching, a cat wants attention and the sun is shining through the trees. The shots are simple but reveal the depth in the quiet moments. He focuses on exposing the environments, both natural and manmade, while following the little journeys we take that matter to us. The universal scenes of a road trip, sex, playing instruments at home or bathing in the woods that make up our smaller worlds, comprise the magic Barber sees in the everyday events of how we spend our time and the paths of who we become.

The photographs capture many different kinds of relationships, affording the exhibition its name, while one must also contemplate how all of these scenes may fit, mix or clash together. Barber's show is a calm peak into other people's daily moments, moments that are full of a range of emotions, that we are left not exactly knowing but feeling when we examine the frames.

The show runs through June 23.


Text by Amanda Everich.

Photos by Polina Neshpor.


Barber-4Barber-16Barber-5 Barber-6 Barber-8 Top photo: Courtesy of Tim Barber and Capricious 88 Gallery.

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