The 2013 Midsummer Party at the Parrish Art Museum

Musée photographer Brian Keith had the chance to attend the 2013 Midsummer Party - the first  to be held at the new Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill. 34BV4507Parrish

Chad Leek, Richard James & Peter Hecht

Dorthy Lickdenstien and guests.

James M. Nederlander

Bill Cunningham

Beth Rudin DeWoody and Guest

Jay Hatfield, Valda With

34BV4457Parrish 34BV4418Parrish 34BV4437Parrish 34BV4425Parrish

Frederic M. Seegal &  H. Peter Haveles Jr.

34BV4398Parrish 34BV4389Parrish

James M. Nederlander

Tanya Beighton & Tanya D'Angelo

Adraina Pidwerbesky,  Yvon Ross & Baroness Sheri Deborchgrave

34BV4740Parrish 34BV4710Parrish 34BV4690Parrish 34BV4585Parrish

Mellony Wamblad, Tatiana Plat , Lucia hwonbordon

Stefano Tonchi

Whitney Fairchild & Randy Kemper

Mario Sorrenti "Draw Blood for Proof" Book Signing at Dashwood Books

"Summer Reading" at The Hole