SVA New York Fashion Film Festival

School of Visual Arts

NY Fashion Film Festival

January 31st, 2013

Written & Photographed by Meredith Caraher

Micheal Ruggiere Michelle Blioux MPS Poster Ricky Kim and Grace Jeffers Richard Gerst, Lucas Flores Piran, Junseob Yoon and Damien Kim Panelists Glenn O'Brien and Maria Gallagher Panelist Quintin Jones with Kamilla Maslowska Seble Mekonnen and Yahel Debebe Sinan Tuncay and Semih Levi Jean Artenberg and Jen Rose Luz Jacome and Antoine Veliz Khalid Jones Khrin Bar and Ofir Kadmi Kim, Ariel and Diego Louise Bjornam and Richard Scholz Gibron Shepperd and Zack McKnight Ebony Gustave and Alasia Allen Amber Moelter and Luis Barreto


An incredibly stylish crowd flooded the School of Visual Arts Theater for the second annual New York Fashion Film Festival, on Thursday, January 31st, 2013. Hosted by Bon Duke, the pre-fashion week screening included 22 short films and a panel discussion moderated by fashion writer and icon Glenn O'Brien, along with illustrator Quintin Jones and film maker Maria Gallagher.

NYFFF highlighted the best fashion films of 2012, celebrating innovation in fashion imagery, and opened a dialogue on how a new media approach is influencing the genre.  As an ever changing commodity, experimentation ranged from the extremes of David Sim's art house piece, (considered by O'Brien as reminiscent of an acid trip), to the polished dark humor of Monica Menez's Hor d'oeurvre, where a sleek, pastel clad housewife goes about a mundane routine infused with quirky, laugh-out-loud twists. A particularly stand out piece by Roman Polanski, A Therapy, could easily be mistaken for a short film if not for the subtle product placement and brilliant tag line - Prada Suits Everyone, as therapist (Ben Kingsly) becomes enamored with client Helena Bonham Carter's coat, ignoring her while playing dress up.

After the screening, the audience had an opportunity to raise questions and criticism with the panel, discussing the benefits and potentials of creating for a young and fairly undefined platform. With an industry that redefines itself every season, the possibilities for unlimited creativity through a new lens offers a wonderfully fresh perspective just in time for the intoxicating rush of fashion week. Many thanks to the SVA Fashion Photography Program for spearheading such an engaging experience.

- Meredith Caraher



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