Summertime Salon 2015 at Robin Rice Gallery

Image above: ©Mark Sink, Eva and Butterfly, 2014. Photo courtesy of Robin Rice Gallery.

The Robin Rice Gallery presented on Wednesday, June 24, the annual Summertime Salon, a photographic exhibition featuring the works of the gallery artists as well as a few newcomers.

When one thinks of the summertime, a million different smells, sights, sounds and memories manifest. Each year, Rice curates a summertime salon show that captures this multiplicity, displaying a diversity of styles, themes, nuances, and artist techniques. For 2015, Rice has brought together the works of 51 artists mosaicking the walls of the gallery walls from floor to ceiling with nearly a hundred photographs, their various sizes, color schemes and subject matter expertly laid out to fit together like the pieces of an eclectic puzzle.

Carola_Muis (22 of 38)

Opening reception at Robin Rice Gallery. 

Carola_Muis (36 of 38)

Opening reception at Robin Rice Gallery.

Rice's installation design is carefully orchestrated so that the individual pieces work off each other. “This is my favorite exhibit even though it takes months to curate and a week to install. It is my curatorial showcase. Visitors always linger longer than any other show; there is something for everyone. I love the moment when the viewer is first drawn to an image,” says Rice. “Sometimes it's indefinable; a moment when the viewer not only shares but also reconnects to an experience remembered.”

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Opening reception at Robin Rice Gallery.

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Opening reception at Robin Rice Gallery. 

The invitational image, 1952 Vincent Black Shadow by Bill phelps takes its title from the bike framed for its record-breaking speeds. Within the faded sepia-toned pallet the striking figure of a bikini-wearing woman is stretched horizontally, as if flying, upon this legendary motorcycle. She is juxtaposed against a background of silos shrouded in fog. She appears as if the force of the motorcycle has streamlined her body backwards. Yet in this frozen moment the motorcycle remains stationary upon a tabletop.

From Phelps' photograph you gain entrŽe into a world of evocative images that invite you to while away the afternoon. At once modern and sentimental, playful and reflective, the exhibition is an expression of the aesthetic cultivated by the gallery for the last 25 years. It is both an opportunity to display the artists Rice has nurtured for decades, as well as a chance to invite newcomers into the gallery space.

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© 1952 Vincent Black Shadow (left), Bill Phelps, 2015. (right), Summertime Salon, 2015. Photos courtesy of Robin Rice Gallery.


All reception photos courtesy of Carola Muis.

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