Summertime Salon 2014 At Robin Rice Gallery

Image above: Beach, Rio, 2002, Michael McLaughlin

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Beach Samba, 1998, Patricia Heal // Daria, 2013, Kristen Hatgi

The “Summertime Salon” at Robin Rice Gallery is as much a showcase of the gallery's artists as it is a showcase of the curatorial prowess of the gallery's owner, Robin Rice. Each summer Rice curates an exhibition featuring the work of the artists represented by the gallery. For the owner, this annual exhibition is an opportunity both to present her photographic knowledge and to highlight the artists' strengths. It is a chance to display new works by established artists and to introduce new artists. The fifty-six artists in this year's show represent a vast array of photographic styles, ranging from aerial shots of packed beaches and highways to stylized portraits and near abstractions. The almost one hundred photographs of various sizes and subject matter line the walls from floor to ceiling. The result is a sprawling mosaic of images, at once a cohesive mass and a series of individual pieces.



Black Gator on Yellow board, 2013, Steve Miller // White Gator on Black board, 2014, Steve Miller

What unifies these eclectic works is summer itself. Certain themes permeate the show: water, coastlines, sunshine. Though many of the images are black and white, a good number of the color photographs stay within a blue-green palette. The experience of walking through the gallery seems to replicate the experience of being at the beach or floating through water. Surfboards adorned with X-ray images of Brazilian animals by Steve Miller hang above the gallery, accentuating the oceanic atmosphere. Even the images that do not distinctly reference the ocean or the beach still refer back to summer in some way. “Beach Samba” by Patricia Heal shows a woman in a reddish-orange sunhat, the brim of which covers her face and conceals her identity, shading her from the sun's rays.

“Summertime Salon” runs through September 7. Sun tan lotion not included. 

9. Charlotte Candau_That big, watery thing_2014

That big, watery thing, 2014, Charlotte Candau

Text by Nora Landes

Event photographs by Vanessa Li

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Victoria Goldman & Robin Rice



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