Summertime Group Show

Soho Gallery for Digital Art recently opened it's door to the Summertime Group Show, running July 31st - August 14th. The diverse themes and landscapes create a rich tapestry of color and light that take one through an escape from the doldrums of summer off a cliff into the cool waters below, only to find the familiar, fantastic and the mundane, mesmerizing. Featuring artists from every corner of the world.

Artists include Ernest Timmons, Lisa Meta Griff , Elena Pou Merina, Lázaro Gracia, Richard Resnick, Shelley Gazes, Debbee Sheppard, Nolan Willence, Daniel Decker, Cat Morris, Sebastian Rye and Richard Michaud.

7-30 (1 of 1)-37-30 (1 of 1)-9 7-30 (1 of 1) 7-30 (1 of 1)-30 pants (1 of 1)

Images by Elizabeth Shafiroff

Urban Zoom by David Molander

"A Flower in the Mouth"