Steven Pippin: Insignificant at Gavin Brown’s enterprise

Steven Pippin's work is being show right now at Gavin Brown's enterprise in an additional location for the gallery at 291 Grand St.

The work on display uses a 2B unmodified standard pencil and crosses the boundaries of existential philosophy with astrophysics combined into a delicate and complex feedback system that can achieve this subtle balance of the pencil to a point that comes close to a sensation of suspended time.

The idea originated in 2003 while coming across a metaphor that is repeatedly used in astrophysics describing the current state of the universe. This metaphor simply uses a pencil balancing on its point to illustrate the perfect harmonic state that exists in the relationship between space and time, now termed spacetime.

9 11 12Gavin Brown Enterprise
291 Grand St, New York From November 11 till December 21, 2014

  All Opening Photographs by Xiaofeng Li

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