Shai Kremer's World Trade Center: Concrete Abstract at Julie Saul Gallery

Shai Kremer was allowed access to the construction site at the World Trade center in 2011, which he photographed until 2013. The series shows what one would expect, the building going up in it's various stages girders getting hung. The prints look like multiple exposures, and invoke Balla and Boccioni's futurist paintings. Reminded of the hectic need to rebuild as quickly and as penitently as possible the swirling steel and equipment blend into a rush of activity that him with power and promise. The time of year is appropriate for the show so that the context isn't too far removed from the pictures. The work is interesting in it's own right, but opening as it did on Sept. 11th there is an unavoidable context hanging over the entire show.


Photographs from Patricia Koo.


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