SARAH ANNE JOHNSON'S "Wonderlust" at Julie Saul Gallery

At the Julie Saul Gallery in Chelsea last Thursday, October 24th, I discovered Wonderlust. Sarah Anne Johnson's fifth gallery exhibition portrays couples during intimate sexual moments in their personal living spaces.  

The project deals with ideas of physicality, psychology, and emotion involved in sexuality and the act of sex between couples and individuals. The title, Wonderlust, fits the collection of photographs perfectly. The images show raw action.


Viewing some of the works I almost felt I should look away, feeling as though I was invading someone's private moment of sexual connection, realization, or simply that I walked into the wrong room. Johnson brings to life a very physically manicured essence of wonder by incorporating scraping and gouging, and carefully spreading golden glitter and manipulating body parts to reveal greater meaning. The works are extensions of standard photographic methods, the prints acting like a canvas to build on and create a better sense of ecstasy and sensation.


Johnson's take on sexuality in Wonderlust is evolved, mature, and interesting. This combination of intelligence and outstanding creativity makes for an exhibition that is rewarding to view if fully immersed into.

Review and photos by Carlos Fonts

DSC_9269 - Version 2(1)



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