Samuel Fosso at The Walther Collection Project Space

Images above: Samuel Fosso Self Portrait, from "Self-Portraits from the '70s", 1977. Samuel Fosso La femme américaine libérée des années 70, 1997

  Samuel Fosso, who uses his own body in color and black-and-white self-portraits, signals his complicity in the caricature he consummately performs-the flamboyant "chief" or the "liberated American woman." In his series African Spirits, Fosso assumes the guise of famous African and African-American personalities, who are well known from the popular archive of their much-publicized photographs. At once instantly identifiable and oddly disjunctive, his impersonations recall both the icons he re-creates and the lasting influence of their recognizability as images. 

polna_neshpor-13Marcus Edouard Reinhardt

Untitled-2Samuel Fosso Self Portrait, from "African Spirits", 2008        Samuel Fosso Mémoire d'un ami, 2000



polna_neshpor-12Doreen Caven, Joan Caven, Isioma Chukwani

Untitled-3Samuel Fosso Le rêve de mon grand-père, 2003

Event photographs taken by Polina Neshpor

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