Sally Gall: "Unbound"

Sally Gall: "Unbound"

March 14 - May 4, 2013

Julie Saul Gallery

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Sally Gall's 11th solo show at the Julie Saul Gallery opened last night to a warm response. Gall is a classical photographer who uses the natural world as her main point of focus. In "Unbound" Gall takes a turn in style by combining photographs to create larger and more breathtaking images. Both black and white and color images are represented in the series. Gall says of the series, "I wish to evoke the feeling of floating ungrounded, to transport the viewer to a place not bound by gravity, and escape the constraint of our usual horizon-oriented experience." One way in wish she evokes that feeling is by not including the horizon line in most of her images which are traditional in most landscape pieces. The exhibition will be on display through May 4, and greatly deserves a viewing.

Sally Gall "Unbound"

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