A Room of One’s Own at The Yancey Richardson Gallery

Image Above: ©Pello Irazu (Left: Gabriel; Right: Haizea I) Courtesy of Pello Irazu and Yancey Richardson Gallery


The Yancey Richardson Gallery presented the exhibition A Room of One’s Own, featuring photographs by Elina Brotherus, Anne Collier, Jay DeFeo, Saul Fletcher, David Gilbert, Bryan Graf, Leslie Hewitt, Pello Irazu, Laura Letinsky, Yamini Nayar, Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Mickalene Thomas. The exhibition explores the work of artists for whom the studio is not only a place for the production of art but is in fact visually integral to the work of art.

©Elina Brotherus (Artists at Work 9, 2009) Courtesy of Elina Brotherus and Yancey Richardson Gallery.
Brotherus_Artist and Model Reflected in a Mirror 1 copy
Left: ©Elina Brotherus (Artist and Model Reflected in a Mirror) Courtesy of Elina Brotherus and Yancey Richardson Gallery; Right: ©Paul Mpagi Sepuya (Self portrait studi0 with roses at night) Courtesy of Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Yancey Richardson Gallery
Sepuya_Self-Portrait study with Two Figures (1506)
©Paul Mpagi Sepuya (Left: Study with Four Figures; Right: Self-Portrait study with Two Figures) Courtesy of Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Yancey Richardson Gallery
Graf_23 - Shot - Reverse Shot (Corner Piece #2) December 18 2010
©Bryan Graf (Shot - Reverse Shot (Corner Piece #2)) Courtesy of Bryan Graf and Yancey Richardson Gallery.
©Laura Letinsky (Left: To want for nothing #1; Right: To want for nothing #2, 2015) Courtesy of Laura Letinsky and Yancey Richardson Gallery
Irazu_Saludo 1 copy
©Pello Irazu (Left: Borrar; Center: Haizea II; Right: Saludo) Courtesy of Pello Irazu and Yancey Richardson Gallery

Following upon the gallery’s 2014 summer exhibition The Thing Itself, that investigated artists’ use of the medium of photography as the subject of a photograph, A Room of One’s Own examines instances where the space in which an artist works functions as the subject of the photograph. In addition, A Room of One’s Own seeks to add to two recent exhibitions, A World of Its Own: Photographic Practices in the Studio at the Museum of Modern Art (2014) and In the Studio: Photographs at the Gagosian Gallery (2015), by concentrating specifically on artists for whom the studio wall, floor or contents play a significant expressive role either as subject of, material for or character in the mise en scène of the image.

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All opening Images ©Ayilah Chaudhary

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