Robert Doisneau at Rox Gallery

Above Image: La Dame Indignée, Vitrine Galerie Romi, Paris, 1948, printed 1979, Silver gelatin print, Image Courtesy of the Rox Gallery

Rox Gallery's newest exhibition curated by Charlotte Farrell features the work of Robert Doisneau along with current artists Rita Bernstein, Julian Darwall, and Emily Hope.  The collection of black and white photographs captures the magic of city life and the intoxicating energy of its inhabitants.

Doisneau's images of Parisian city life in the 30s, 40s, and 50s are iconic representations of a distant cordial era.  Through the simplicity of his subjects, Doisneau makes permanent the quintessentially intimate moments of humanity.  The portrait of an elegantly dressed woman patiently waiting for the train, a male worker exiting a bakery grasping a baguette in hand, and an aged woman both shocked and amused at a nude painting in a gallery window are several of the scenes documented at this exhibit.


Robert Doisneau, L’Innocent, 1949 , printed 1979, Gelatin silver print, and Pain et Rideau de Fer, 1953, printed 1979, Silver gelatin print,  Courtesy of the Rox Gallery

Dosineau stated, "I myself have a polished eye for the city's furnishings so often that, for the first time in my life, I feel a vague sense of ownership."  Whether a polished vision or an acute depiction of an instant from a former decade, Dosineau makes ephemeral his subjects and draws inquisitive connections between time and space.  A distinct sense of familiarity and attachment emerges from the light and shadows of Dosineau's prints, and evokes from the viewer the nostalgic yearning for a sophisticated past.

Accompanying the esteemed images by Robert Doisneau are the photographs from several other artists, collectively evoking a similar sense of place.  Although the exhibit encompasses a contrast of eras, a strong connection resides in the environments depicted and surpasses the boundaries of both distance and time.

Text by Kate Marin


Robert Doisneau, La Poule au Gibier, 1945, printed 1979, Silver gelatin print, Courtesy of the Rox Gallery


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