Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen: THE SOCHI PROJECT at Aperture Gallery

New York's Aperture Gallery presents The Sochi Project: An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus. Combining the photographic and textual work of Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen, The Sochi Project documents the contrast between the glamor of the 'Russian Riviera' and the social and political conflicts of the surrounding region. The project focuses on Sochi before it was chosen as the site of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and gained the attention of the international media.

Since initiating the project in 2009, Hornstra and van Bruggen have conducted extensive research on the region, in the process engaging directly with its people and its geography. The resulting work has been released in several installments both as a book published by Aperture in November 2013 and online, each one focusing on a different aspect of the Sochi story. The exhibition is on view through July 10.

Text by Nora Landes.

Photos by Polina Neshpor.

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