Richard Renaldi: Touching Strangers at Aperture Foundation

Touching Strangers by Richard Renaldi encourages a dialogue about the relationships and connections we form with each other by calling on strangers to touch and pose for a photograph. This Aperture Gallery show, the third exhibition on the subject, expresses Renaldi's desire to continue and develop the conversation  he started back in 2007, now asking people to offer their own images on Instagram to be shared within his work.

Conducting these ephemeral meetings of strangers in cities all over the United States, challenges the physical divides and boundaries our society upholds. Renaldi creates a platform that challenges the way we connect and let each other into our lives, even if only for a moment - a touch or a photograph.

There was an artist talk at Aperture on April 16th at 6:30pm.

The show runs through May 15.
Text by Amanda Everich
Photos from the artist talk by Lena Vassiliou


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