Richard Renaldi - This Grand Show at Bonni Benrubi Gallery

Running concurrently to his Aperture Foundation exhibition Touching Strangers, is Richard Renaldi's This Grand Show at Bonni Benrubi Gallery. Inspired by the ideas of naturalist John Muir, Renaldi has gone around the states photographing the landscapes that are eternal, yet focusing on the moments that pass—an unfinished building in Tuba City, Arizona and a discarded piano on the streets of Los Angeles, California. His landscape shots are all chasing the sunlight and the structures he chooses, such as the bent up silo in Electra, Texas or the sandcastle in Miami, Florida, communicate a strength in structure that is fleeting and still just a visiting force among it's environment. Renaldi reminds us of things forgotten or in transition, leaving a sad residue with the images for what will become of the objects once thought and planned for, now left out to pasture. These photographs show that though the landscapes are vast, the states of America are always in flux. They remain constant and natural atmospheres submitting to change, the moments fleeting, but the fervor to become always a blaze. The show runs through June 7.


Text by Amanda Everich.

Photographs by Polina Neshpor







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