Photoplus Expo 2013

  The PhotoPlus Expo took place last weekend at the Javits Convention center. The events were various but all had a common theme. The convention attendees were shown every aspect of the digital photography world, as well as the companies that dominate the industry; Kodak, Canon, Sony, Epson, Panasonic; the list goes on.


There were also lectures by big name professionals. The most notable of which were Vincent Laforet, John Paul Caponigro, Joe McNally, and Scott Kelby, although there were many others.


Sony had to lead on a back foot - on the same plane as  Nikon and Canon. In the Nikon booth attendees were encouraged to try their new products and see the result.


However it was not just a fight for consumers, it was a conference. The more specific and technical aspects of photography were also on show: A lighting booth with models, to examine the different qualities of lighting equipment, Large scale printers printed repeats of the same images then hung them on the wall, there was no artist to credit or name to the piece, just what kind of paper was used.


It was a good conference, technical for the  established photography professionals, but open to new talent, who get to play with the brand new toys.



 Text by John Hutt












Photographs by Ali Rajabi

The Beatles on film.

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