Photography at Aperture Gallery

Photography Exhibition at the Aperture Gallery

January 31, 2013

Written & Photographed by Elena Mudd 

A very crowded gallery Gallery goers Artist Stephen Shore Kalen Kaminski, Monica Wade, Sunny Shokrae Gallery goers look at Terry Richardson's work Gallery goers Gallery goers Miliken Gardner, Tafv Sampson, Pia Bergman Ryan Speth, Kris Graves, Peter Berberian Photography at Aperture Gallery


Aperture Gallery presents the exhibit Photography which showcases the work of six of today's most significant photographers: William Eggleston, Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley, Martin Parr, Terry Richardson, and Stephen Shore. While these photographers all have very unique and different aesthetics, what ties them together in this series is that each created images using the same Fujifilm, X-Series cameras.

The exhibit was curated by Ken Miller for Gallery Target, Tokyo. He and photographer Stephen Shore mingled with guests at the opening reception. The gallery was packed with art-lovers, young and old, and there was something for almost everyone's taste, since each photographer brings something so different to the table.

The show wraps up this week, on February 9th.

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