Pheromone Hotbox at Steven Kasher Gallery

Image above: ©Olivia Locher, Stuck on Gum, 2012. Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery & Kasher|Potamkin, New York


Steven Kasher Gallery, in conjunction with Kasher|Potamkin, presented on January 22nd, 2015 the exhibition Pheromone Hotbox. The exhibition showcases the work of five young women photographers: Aneta Bartos, Amanda Charchian, Shae Detar, Olivia Locher, and Marianna Rothen. Each artist will be represented by approximately ten photographs from their recent work, all of the images portraying women. These young artists share a common method of bringing themselves and their friends to a location where they enact loosely scripted narratives, usually in the nude. These photographs address notions of the post-selfie and confront post-feminist ideologies.

The concept “pheromone hotbox” was originated by Amanda Charchian, who writes: “The understood biological purpose of pheromones is creation. In addition to reproduction in the organs, creation manifests itself for the female artist as an expanded conduit for communication of pheromones between spiritual and material realms. Exuding from the female psyche, these images become an imprint from this hotbox of uninhibited vision. The tension created by sending these pheromones into a biologically confounded process is specific to photographing another woman intimately.”

Charchian 1©Amanda Charchian, Ginger Entanglement, 2013. Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery & Kasher|Potamkin, New York

Aneta Bartos portrays a world populated by strong, beautiful, ethereal women full of desire and menace. She creates haunted places where spectral creatures perform acts of ambiguous sexuality. The viewer is challenged to join the strange rites, or to run away in horror.

borto collage©Aneta Bartos,  From the Series Spider Monkeys Volume 2. Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery & Kasher|Potamkin, New York


Amanda Charchian travels with her girlfriends to gorgeous settings by the sea or in the desert. In her world clothing is always optional, and an atmosphere of trust and mischievousness rules.

charchian collage(Left) Amanda Charchian at Steven Kasher Gallery, (Right) ©Amanda Charchian, Calm Sea, Come See, Comme Ci, 2012. Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery & Kasher|Potamkin, New York


Shae Detar photographs her models in bucolic settings where they disrobe singly or in formation. She paints on her photographs, transforming them into Pop utopias or Pre-Raphaelite dreams.

shae collage(Left) Shae DeTar at Steven Kasher Gallery,  (Right) ©Shae DeTar. Inception of Girlfriends, 2014. Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery & Kasher|Potamkin, New York


Olivia Locher is an art photographer not afraid to break the convention of seriousness. Her work combines exaggerated color with quirky inventiveness in the mode of Rube Goldberg. Her naked models are playful and happy.

Locher collage(Left) Olivia Locher; (Right) ©Olivia Locher, Stuck on Gum, 2012. Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery & Kasher|Potamkin, New York


Marianna Rothen scripts vague narratives based on the movies of Brigitte Bardot, Monica Vitti, Catherine Deneuve, Claudia Cardinale, and Faye Dunaway. She takes her actress/models/friends to scouted locations and costumes them in bad wigs and very little else. Her characters are often depressed women trying to break free, innocents in a less than innocent world.

Rothen collage

 (Left) Marianna Rothen at Steven Kasher Gallery; (Right) ©Marianna Rothen, Untitled #6 (From the series Women of Canterbury), 2013. Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery & Kasher|Potamkin, New York


All Opening Images By Lena Vassiliou

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