Paige Powell at Suzanne Geiss: “Jean Michel Basquiat Reclining in Nude.”

Through a series of rare and candid 35mm black and white portraits of Jean-Michael Basquiat shot in 1983 in an Upper West Side apartment, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Reclining Nude gives us a glimpse into the intimate 2-year relationship between the painter and then girlfriend and photographer, Paige Howell.  

Hanging along the walls of the Suzanne Geiss Gallery are various-sized portraits of a very exposed and relaxed Basquiat. These allow the viewers to see Basquiat smiling, laughing, smoking, relaxing and sketching. The exhibit offers insight into the every day life of Basquiat as an artist and human exploring the boundaries of self-contentment and art within the context of art culture in the 1980’s.


Be sure to head down to Soho and check Jean Michael Basquiat Reclining Nude while it is on view at the Suzanne Geiss Gallery, located at 76 Grand Street from January 16 – February 22, 2014.


Review by Cid Nichols

Photos by Antonio Williams

Paige Powell and the chief and editor of Paper Magazine Kim Hastreiter


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