Nicolai Howalt & Trine Sondergaard

Nicolai Howalt & Trine Sondergaard

February 21-April 13, 2013

Bruce Silverstein Gallery

written and photographed by Manon Fantoli 20130221-IMG_1196 20130221-IMG_1198 20130221-IMG_1201 20130221-IMG_1203 20130221-IMG_1204 20130221-IMG_1206 20130221-IMG_1208 20130221-IMG_1210 20130221-IMG_1211 20130221-IMG_1213 20130221-IMG_1214

manon12 manon11 manon10 manon8 manon7 manon6 manon5 manon4 manon3

Living and working together in Denmark, this is the first show to incorporate series by each artist. Both series are about what is not pictured - the space between the photographs -  a transition, a relationship, a conversation about the the perceptible of fragile.

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