Museum Mile Festival


Museum Mile was formed as a consortium by the museums that share the Fifth Avenue address. The first festival, held in June of 1978, was an instant success. Not only did it expose New Yorkers and NYC visitors to an incredible collection of New York’s artistic riches, it also brought together disparate New Yorkers. From the barrios of East Harlem and the townhouses lining the Upper East Side, to the winding streets of the Village and the clustered neighborhoods of the outer-boroughs, people came to celebrate their shared pride in their city. Museum Mile Festival promoted public awareness through increased visibility, accessibility and attendance at all the museums, and brought many New Yorkers to upper Fifth Avenue for the first time.

Punk Couture at the Met

Sid Vicious and the Punk culture at the Met.

Crowded Met during the Museum mile.

Couple enjoying Greek and Roman art.

Art taken to the streets.

Museum Mile_-8

Museum Mile_-1

Museum Mile_-3

Museum Mile_-4

Images by Josh Fray and Oscar Tiné

Text Courtesy of Museum Mile Festival 2013





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