More Materials at Salon 94

On June 26th, Salon 94 opened an exhibition entitled More Materials that will run until August 1st 2014. The show at Salon 94's Bowery location is a group exhibition, featuring the work of designers such as Duro Olowu, Rick Owens, Juergon Teller, and numerous other artists.  Packed from floor to ceiling, the small space is overflowing with a whole manner of textiles, prints, and clothes that collectively create a provocative visual display.


After descending a staircase and entering the exhibit, the space mimics the aesthetic of an eccentric Upper West Side apartment.  The walls are draped with richly colored vintage shirts, embroidered textiles featuring quotes by David Bowie, and an assortment of antique photographs from the 1930's.  Knee height pottery and leather furniture sit beside mannequins dressed in the latest fashion—most notably a Soundsuit designed by Nick Cave.

More Materials offers viewers an enticing display of textures, patterns, and colors that truly reinvent the exhibition's space at Salon 94.

All images courtesy of Jeff Elstone/Salon 94


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