Michelle Frankfurter: Destino at Half King Gallery

Image above: ©Michelle Frankfurter. (Left) Guatemalan mother and child, fleeing abusive husband, en route to the US border; (Right) Salvadoran migrant with a sling shot, July 2010. Courtesy of The Half King Gallery. 


On February 3, Michelle Frankfurter’s photo exhibit, Destino, opened at The Half King as Photo Series No. 30.

Destino_Libro19 ©Michelle Frankfurter. Weary and injured migrants rest in the makeshift chapel of the Hermanos en El Camino migrant shelter in the small town of Ixtepec in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. June 6, 2009 . Courtesy of The Half King Gallery. 


With Destino, Frankfurter tells the story of the Central American immigrant trek, by freight train across Mexico to the U.S. border, and the pursuit of a better life. Since 2009, she has zeroed in on the epic aspects of this voyage, as a way of highlighting the heroic courage and desperation that lend strength to its undertaking. For the most part, her subjects are young men and women, some with children, some children themselves—all running from nightmare lives toward the promise of safer circumstances in America.

Michelle collage 1©Michelle Frankfurter. (Left) A Salvadoran migrant between two boxcars in the Arriaga rail yard July 15, 2010. (Photograph by Michelle Frankfurter) ; (Right) Home of mercy migrant shelter, Arriaga, Chiapas 2009  . Courtesy of The Half King Gallery. 


The opening will feature a slideshow and discussion about Michelle’s project. Also, her book, Destino, will be available for sale at a discounted price. Since 2000, Michelle Frankfurter has concentrated her photography on themes of migration and the U.S.—Mexico border region.

©Michelle Frankfurter. Honduran migrant, Hermanos en El Camino migrant shelter, Ixtepec, Oaxaca, June 10, 2009. (Photograph by Michelle Frankfurter). Courtesy of The Half King Gallery. 


On view from now till 27th of March at The Half King Gallery




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