Michael Lipkin - "Sacred Spaces"

Michael Lipkin: Sacred Spaces

 Kim Foster Gallery

February 14 – March 16, 2013


Written & Photographed  by Manon Fantoli

Michael Lipkin is an architect, designer, photographer, video artist, and sculptor. His artworks focus on the subjective interaction with architecture as a visual art. Sacred spaces shares a story about all our senses, not just visual, but try to push us on an unconventional world, between light, time and movement.

This is his first solo exhibition at the gallery. The works are the opposite of still photography. The images are active as the process. The photos on exhibit attempt to capture the poetry of the places and spaces we create.

“Architecture exists to accommodate and even elevate the human experience, and in the case of sacred and civic spaces – a place for our most compelling events,” he says. -

Included in "Diversions," new photo-based oil prints, are a series of more traditional still life prints that incorporate games directly by E.E.Smith

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