Michael Colavito: Under No Illusion at Lilac Gallery



Lilac Gallery New York is pleased to present, “UNDER NO ILLUSION” an exhibition of works by Michael Colavito.

Film Magic Purity by Michael Colavito is where Truth, Art and Light meet.  “Purpose for art, people evolving, finding meaning and truth” are the driving force behind Colavito’s transformation of subjects into beauty. “Film does not lie; it sees only what the lens allows it to see”, honoring the traditional art form of filmmaking. Colavito’s ability to create exquisitely unique pieces makes each of his photography categories stand out with their own individuality as though created by separate artists. This allows the emergence of an array of genuinely beautiful works, a type of collection that is the first of its kind to be observed.

IMG_1257 Untitled-1


Colavito remains the first artist to have created art in such a fashion, a precedent for future art similar to the emergence of the works of Andy Warhol during the Pop Art Movement.


Visual Illusionism, Colavito’s own genre, enters deep into his psyche, and leaves the viewer with a surreal and beautiful world from the raw footage that he captures. He reinvents and expands upon traditional filmmaking, photography and cinematic techniques.


Colavito artwork is created on large format 8x10 film without digital photo programs or computer graphics imagery. His entire collection is brought together using the original film transparency (both positive and negative) entirely without the administration of special effects or editing. More specifically, his works are not the result of the use of in-camera masks, blue/green screens, painting over the film itself, projection of images or painting on bodies, shooting through glass or reflections, color backdrops, filters, photographing of printed images, polarizations or colorizations, cross processing, darkroom manipulation, optical assemblage, etc. The only methods Colavito uses are within the natural boundaries of image capture on the film emulsion, something he refers to as “absolute film purity.”


Colavito lives and works in New York City, NY.

IMG_1237Cindy Shaoul, Mark Ilitzky, and Michael Colavito




Untitled-1Michael Colavito and Sirio Maccioni (Owner of Le Cirque); Cindy Shaoul and friends

Event Photography by Patricia Koo

Jonathan Morse "The Sony A7r gets a new pair of shoes"

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