Mayumi Lake: Latent Heat at Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery

Image Above: Mayumi Lake, It's Alright #141199, 2014, Courtesy of Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery

  Miyako Yoshinaga is pleased to present "Latent Heat",  a solo exhibition of photographic works by Mayumi Lake, from October 23 to November 26, 2014.


"Latent Heats," Lake's newest (and most sinister) series reflects upon those difficult years in an attempt to apprehend other people's suffering and accept their ultimate fate. Lake states: "These horrific events, unfolding through the media daily in my birthplace, and the uneasiness and apprehension associated with loss and grieving began to merge together, so synchronize. I was the vortex, the meeting space of several disconnected events that formed a personal sense of tragic ending; a belief akin to the fated sense of despair associated with the end date of the Mayan calendar. I began to think, and even truly believe in a single fated day for the end of all things."

MYL 3264_Awakening 001513_2014_16x20in_pigment print copy

MYL 3274_Swan Song 000646_2014_27x36in_pigment print copy


Left: Mayumi Lake, Old Fashioned #40255, 2014; Right: Mayumi Lake, Static Threads #141053, 2014, Courtesy of Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery

MYL 3263_Additive Reckoner 001349_2014_27x36in_pigment print copy




Photographs from the opening by Antonio Williams

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