Margaret Watkins: "Domestic Symphony"

Margaret Watkins "Domestic Symphony"

March 14 - May 11, 2013

Robert Mann Gallery

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Margaret Watkins, one of the 20th century's earliest female photographers worked in fine art, commercial, and documentary photography. She was also a very inspiring teacher at the Clarence H. White School, which at the time (the 1920s) was the most prominent pedagogical institution for pictorialism in America.

Watkins brought the key movements in art like cubism to her photographs of everyday life which we see in this exhibition. She was recognized as a 'modernist' and 'cubist' in her own era even though her work was much different than say the obvious cubism of Picasso. Most of the photographs in the exhibition show day to day objects and activities as well as a few portraits. The second room includes images from a few of Watkins' students.

Sally Gall: "Unbound"

Erwin Olaf: "Berlin"