Lucie Awards: Text and Photos by Rose Hartman

Photo above: © Rose Hartman, Houssein Farmani


P1150652Photo above: © Rose Hartman, Fran Drescher
P1150624-2Photo above: © Rose Hartman, winner Jerry Ullesman


The 2015 annual Lucie Awards, honoring outstanding photographers, held at Zankel Hall in Carnegie Hall, attracted a lively crowd of photographers, collectors and photo aficionados. A reception preceded the ceremony

P1150639Photo above: © Rose Hartman, Claudie and Simon Miller winner
P1150622 (1)Photo above: © Rose Hartman, Presenter Linda Troeller


 As Lucies founder, Farmani Houssein, stated,”The community we cherish comes together to celebrate those photographers who are among the best in their field."

P1150618Photo above: © Rose Hartman, Winner David Hume Kennerly
P1150613Photo above: © Rose Hartman, Winner Stephanie Sinclair
Text and Photos by Rose Hartman.

Tom Burr at Bortolami Gallery

Sandy Skoglund at RYAN LEE