Lisea Lyons, "Locket"

Lisea Lyons, "Locket" at Nancy Hoffman GalleryFeb 7 - March 16, 2013


Written & Photographed By Manon Fantoli

Lisea Lyons opens her first solo show of photographs at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery. Lyons subjects include herself, her daughter, childhood, and adulthood.

Memory and time mixed with beauty and nature are the reflected in her work. Lyons works, usually in color, tend a new approach in black and white, and capture the eternal memento on a feeling, sensation, will that never be felt anymore. Or the opposite sensation of the perpetual eternity, like the hair, figures into several images, and lock as a proof of the life that is still here, or was.

‘’The picture becomes a window or mirror, leaving only the intention, desire, to keep and protect.’’

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