Libby Rowe at United Photo Industries

Image above: ©Libby Rowe, The Waiting, courtesy of United Photo Industries.

Libby_Rowe-The_Village_it_Takes©Libby Rowe, The Village It Takes, Courtesy of United Photo Industries.

Inside/Out is made up of images of domestic structures digitally created from multiple image files. The elaborately constructed sets act as stages upon which short stories unfold. These facades are fallacies that are carefully constructed, but would not hold up to the rules of physics or reality. Some carefully manicured and maintained, others neglected and forlorn, these facades represent the emotional status of the people within.

Libby_Rowe_(sub)Division-10©Libby Rowe, (sub)Division, Courtesy of United Photo Industries.

Libby_Rowe_(sub)Division-11©Libby Rowe, (sub)Division, Courtesy of Untied Photo Industries

At first glance viewers are willing to accept the structure of each house. The architecture seems plausible. Further inspection reveals the structural flaws as well as scenes from daily life played out through the windows and doors. Each character is completely consumed by their own immediate experience, seemingly unaware of the others in their home. Open-ended narratives invite the viewer to join in completing each story, determining the narrative that will unfold.

Libby Rowe-4At United Photo Industries on the opening night.

Libby RoweAt United Photo Industries on the opening night.

Libby Rowe received her BFA from the University of Northern Iowa and her MFA from Syracuse University. Rowe’s current photographic work, Dwellings, explores the emotional state of dwelling through the construction and photographing of small sculptural houses. This series was exhibited during Fotoseptiembre 09 at the UTSA satellite space in the Blue Star complex and will be on display at the Grand Prix FotoFestiwal 2010 in Lodz, Poland. Through pink, Rowe explores the sociological, physiological and psychological aspects of femininity using image, object and installations. Rowe’s performances were included in the Vertigo Performance Series at the Waterloo Center for the Arts and Fountain Art Fair New York, 2014. Rowe’s current photographic series, Inside/Out and the installation (sub)Division were recently exhibited together with Like Panes of Glass at Morlan Gallery in Lexington, KY. Rowe resides in San Antonio, Texas.

Libby Rowe-9Libby Rowe on the opening night at United Photo Industries.

All opening images by Paul McLaren.

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