Laurie Simmons: The Love Doll

Laurie Simmons: The Love Doll

Dashwood Books – January 16th, 2013


Laurie Simmons at Dashwood Books on Jan. 16

Samantha Perry, Lisa Perry, and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn at Dashwood Books

Lena Dunham and Amanda Stern, along with Lena's dog–Lamby

Jacob Berezine, Takuro Kuwata, and Kosaku Kanuchika at Dashwood Books

"The Love Doll" now available

"The Love Doll" by Laurie Simmons

The artist and her latest book, "The Love Doll."

Packed crowd at Dashwood Books for Laurie Simmons's latest book: "The Love Doll"

Laurie Simmons with her new book, "The Love Doll," at Dashwood Books on Jan. 16

Entering the crowded Dashwood Books under the first floor, I almost felt like I had stumbled into cocktail party. Artist Laurie Simmons–surrounded by family, friends and fans–sat in the back corner of the store signing copies of her newest book: The Love Doll. Simmons's daughter, Golden Globe winner Lena Dunham, stood opposite catching up with old friends and playing with her new dog, LambyThe room buzzed with chatter from artists and art enthusiasts who had come to support Simmons and her new project.

The Love Doll features two lifelike sex dolls from a Japanese factory, posed around Simmons’s Connecticut estate: climbing a wall, lounging around, and diving into a swimming pool. The Love Doll documents the human relationship between Simmons and her subject. Simmons makes her doll’s look and feel as a living, breathing human beings.

Laurie Simmons

Dashwood Books


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