Karine Laval: Altered States

Karine Laval: Altered States

Bonni Benrubi Gallery

April 18 - May 24, 2013


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On Thursday, April 18th, Brooklyn photographer Karine Laval opened her new exhibition, Altered States, at Bonni Benrubi Gallery in Midtown. This is the artist's fourth show at the gallery.

The photographer focuses exclusively on pools, but has pushed her concepts to discuss our faith in photographic truth. Laval manipulates her photographs to where they are nearly unrecognizable, to the point where they become graceful abstractions. The photographer pulls the mundane nature of these swimming pools, making the forms lyrical, ballet-like. Water is the vehicle which Laval employs, allowing her to distance the audience, playing somewhere between familiarity and truth.

Her work is highly cerebral, playing with senses of consciousness and existence, and forces the viewer to rethink how we view our daily life. Laval's art redefines the relationship between the subject and viewer. She blurs many distinctions; her color palette, a result of the chemical process she employs, is almost painterly.

The exhibition will run through May 24th, at Bonni Benrubi Gallery.

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