Julianne Swartz, Co-Portraits Portfolio at Mixed Greens

 Image Above: Julianne Swartz Co-Portrait (Leah, Sonya), 2014 Ed. © Julianne Swartz. Courtesy of Mixed Greens Gallery


Mixed Greens is showing Julianne Swartz’s fifth photography portfolio, Co-Portraits. Using her camera and a simple mirror, Swartz captures tender connections and the nuances of familial relationships.


Julianne_Swartz_10 Images above taken at the opening at Mixed Greens Gallery


Co-Portraits is a series of arresting family portraits incorporating elements of fragility, transformation, reflection, disorientation, and kinship familiar to her work. For this portfolio, Swartz asked families to choose a location in nature where they would want their photos taken. Her single directive was that they be playful with one another as one family member held a circular mirror. When Swartz shot the photographs, she positioned herself between the person holding the mirror and the rest of the group. From this central vantage point, she carefully receded into the background to capture fleeting interactions.

Swartz2Images Above: Julianne Swartz, (Left) Co-Portrait (Diann, Rosa), 2014 Ed. (Right) Co-Portrait (Leah, Sonya), 2014 ©Julianne Swartz. Courtesy of Mixed Greens Gallery


Opening  images by Heehyun Oh


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