Joshua Lutz At ClampArt

Joshua Lutz's combined exhibition at ClampArt in Chelsea, "Hesitating Beauty" and "Amsterdam," opened Thursday, April 11th.  

Hesitating Beauty comprised the majority of the works, a memorial to his mother's cognition in her battle with schizophrenia. Assembling interviews, old family photos, and other scraps and tidbits from his mother's life alongside his own work, Lutz professes a powerful personal narrative that shows that as his mother fell deeper into psychosis, he was able to view her in a clearer light.


Amsterdam is a collection of Lutz's photographs commissioned by the city of Amsterdam, as part of a four-artist series commemorating the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's discovery of the island of Manhattan. The collection expresses the outer, less inhabited regions of the city, showing a side most never knew exists. The show is open now until May 18th.


Review by Travis Huse

Image Courtesy of The Clampart Gallery 

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